Friday, August 29, 2014

Flowering Rhubarb Stalks Card

Beautiful custom card features an original color photo of flowering rhubarb stalks. You can leave it blank to suit any occasion or add your own message.

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A thick green rhubarb stem rises through the left side of frame. Two branches with stalks of tiny pale yellow-green flowers angle diagonally up to the right while two short stalks of buds attached to the main stem point to the left of frame for a nice compositional balance. A brown papery leaf surrounds the joints of the thin branches to the main stem. Another reddish-brown leaf hangs from the top of frame along the stem.

A keen observer will notice that the shadowed tree trunks in the upper third of the background are all tilted so that the rhubarb plant appears vertical. The lower two-thirds of the background contains mostly ferns and periwinkle, an indistinctly textured array of greens. Shallow depth of field and sunlight highlight the flowering rhubarb stalks in the foreground of the color photograph.

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