Monday, September 22, 2014

Adobe Corridor Postcard

Adobe Corridor is comprised of two black and white photographs from either end of the same passageway. The photo on the left has great depth enhanced by chiaroscuro. The image begins with a rounded opening in an adobe wall, followed by a passageway enveloped in blackness that leads to another courtyard bathed in sunlight. The adobe wall furthest from view contains a wooden double door entry revealing yet another mysterious black void beyond the doorway.

While the left photo goes from light to black to light to black, its companion piece on the right is shot from within the passage in the opposite direction and goes from black to light. It's so dark, blackness consumes the foreground of the photograph. The bright opening with the curved top near the upper center of the frame makes it seem like you are in a tunnel or looking through a keyhole. Four wooden benches await you along the sunlit wall to the right, a fifth perpendicular to you by the shadowed wall on the far side of the enclosure. An antler lost long ago stands up in the corner opposite.

Fine art custom postcard features two black and white photos of an adobe passageway from each end.

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