Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Ribbons at Rocklawn Arts!

Make your gifts stand out with new custom satin Ribbons featuring my photographs and designs available now at Rocklawn Arts.
•Available in 1.5” and 3” widths.
•Sold in 2 yard, 6 yard, or 10 yard spools.
•Single faced satin with a silky smooth texture on one side.
Recently sold the following Green Water ribbon, thank you for your purchase!
Green Water Satin Ribbon
Green Water Satin Ribbon by RocklawnArts
Browse more Faux marble Ribbon at Zazzle

(When I provide links to my store or products on Zazzle, I use affiliate links to earn more so that I can continue creating photographs and designs. The links do not change the items' cost to you in any way.)

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