Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Abstract Blue Polygons Carved® Maple iPhone 6 Bumper

Protect your iPhone 6 in style. This custom case has a real maple wood inlay featuring a geometric design of polygons in various shades of blue outlined in black. The image is also available on cases for several other devices and models.
•Designed for the Apple iPhone 6.
•100% real wood inlay gives each case a unique natural wood grain pattern slightly different than pictured.
•Designs UV printed on wood inlay, providing a textured feel, vivid colors and long-lasting image.
•Constructed with durable plastic encasing and a wood inlay with two coats of durable protective finish.
•Features soft touch finish for added grip and comfort.
•Wood inlay available in domestically and sustainably harvested Maple, Cherry, or Walnut.
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Inspired by stained glass, this stylish geometric design contains polygons in various shades of blue outlined in black. A light blue triangle slashes in from the upper right with an array of progressively darker blue quadrangles and other shapes spiraling around it from light to dark and then dark to light. Two dark blue shapes ground the left side of the original design.

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