Wednesday, May 27, 2015

On The Golden Gate Bridge Satin Ribbon

Looking up as I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge one sunny afternoon in San Francisco, California, one of its massive suspension cables loomed overhead. It stretches out of the upper right corner of the photograph to the top of an red-orange tower near the center. The suspension cable on the left seems skinny in comparison as it meets the center of the left edge of frame, the bridge's symmetry made askew by the perspective. Pairs of suspender ropes hang from the main cables, the ones on the left side of the bridge giving the clear blue sky a pinstripe effect in the lower left corner of the photo. Without the road in view, the geometry of the International Orange painted bridge is accentuated against the blue sky.
On The Golden Gate Bridge Satin Ribbon
On The Golden Gate Bridge Satin Ribbon by RocklawnArts
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Make your present stand out with custom satin ribbon featuring an unusual asymmetrical view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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