Monday, October 12, 2015

Pine Tree Bark With Moss Photo Fabric

Unique custom fabric features an unusual repeating pattern of moss on bark. Perfect for environmentally conscious accessories and home decor. The fabric is printed with non-toxic inks and comes in swatches, fat quarters, and by the yard on 7 fabric types.

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Pine Tree Bark With Moss Photo Fabric
Pine Tree Bark With Moss Photo Fabric by RocklawnArts
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The aging pine tree bark has faded and lost some of its outermost layers. Vibrant green moss grows in vertical grooves. The macro photograph shows the alternating stripes of bark and moss as well as the texture of each. The bark is layered, scaly, with fine gradations of color: grays, browns, and even pale green. The moss is comprised of myriad short fine hairs, as though the tree wanted some green fur highlights.

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