Saturday, July 1, 2017

Popular #Resist Bumper Stickers, Pins, T-Shirts, and Stickers

Last month, custom bumper stickers, buttons, t-shirts, and stickers featuring the hashtag #Resist and the phrase Resist & Persist were the most popular resistance items at Rocklawn Arts.

Show that you stand against hatred, bigotry, and injustice, and be a beacon for others to do the same.

All recently sold, thank you for your orders!

The fight continues from all sides so show where you stand with the complete collections of #Resist, Resist & Persist, Resistance Starts Here, #ShePersisted, Feminist, Nasty Woman, #NotMyPresident, #NoMuslimBan, and #NoBanNoWall products:
#ResistResist & PersistResistance Starts Here#ShePersistedFeministNasty Woman#NotMyPresident#NoMuslimBan#NoBanNoWall

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