Monday, November 18, 2013

Downtown Kansas City T-shirt

Nine days into a cross country road trip, I stopped in Kansas City, Missouri to see Union Station. It was pouring when I arrived, but when the rain eased up later on, I ventured outside to photograph. The humidity was intense, but I wanted to see a bit more of Kansas City.

Six lane Main Street stretches out from the bottom right corner of the black and white photograph towards the misty skyscraper horizon in the distance. Tall black street lights line both sides of the wet multi-lane thoroughfare; one street light rises prominently from the middle of the bottom dividing the lower half of the frame. When I spied the dark sedan (below and left of center) driving perpendicular to the lanes of traffic, I quickly adjusted my camera to capture the illegal moment. In retrospect, the driver was pulling out of a parking lot, but at the time, the illogical scene was quite exciting.

Cool t-shirt features an original black and white photograph of the Kansas City skyline. Shirts available in several colors and styles.

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