Friday, November 29, 2013

Golden Fountain Water Stretched Canvas Print

A simple vertical spray of water disrupts the water in the basin of a fountain. Aside from the rust-colored water return and small bit of pipe at the top right of the photograph, the image appears to be a Post-Impressionist painting, wavy lines of oil paint in various shades of gold, near blacks, and blues. If you could just stand a little further back, you know you would be able to discern what it is.

There's that little bit of pipe again though, a reminder that you're actually looking at ripples of fountain water illuminated by late afternoon sun. But who else might have stared at light patterns on disturbed water? Studied them, been inspired by them? My mind conjures Vincent Van Gogh.

Ever since I went to New Mexico and saw that the mountains are just like the multi-colored ones Georgia O'Keeffe painted, I've been on the lookout for clues. What inspired the artist to render his or her work in that particular way? What would I have to see, if I had no knowledge of the artist, to be inspired to create work of a similar style? When I find a possible answer, like the water in this photograph, I get excited.

Custom stretched canvas print features an original abstract photograph of golden fountain water.

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